Training & Certification

Qu Bee Lashes private & semi-private eyelash extensions course is taught by the owner, Chanel. Chanel has over 6 years of experience working as a Lash Technician and a strong passion for eyelash extensions.  She is always looking to help new students learn and grow as Lash Technicians. There are no large classes and no right or wrong questions when learning how to become a Lash Technician. Each student is encouraged to ask questions and is taught one-on-one or in a group of no more than 2-3 students.  

During the course each student will learn theory, proper application of eyelash extensions and techniques, marketing and many other helpful tips to help start off their new career. Qu Bee Lashes one-on-one and group eyelash extension courses will help teach you all you need to know about eyelash extensions and all students are encouraged to contact us if they have any additional questions after their training is complete.


  • 8-10 hour course
  • Theory
  • Marketing
  • Tools and sanitation
  • Lash placement techniques
  • Adhesive and tweezer techniques
  • Mannequin prep & client prep
  • Application on live model (student must provide own model)
  • Lash extension kit ($200 value) and manual included
  • Certificate provided upon successful completion of the course on the same day


The format of our volume eyelash extension course will not focus on refresher skills for classic or classic extensions, this class strictly focuses on 2D-6D volume fan making only. The class is approximately 14-16 hours, taught over the weekend.

All students signing up for the course will be required to provide the following:

    • 2-3 pictures of current work (classic set)
    • Ability to complete a classic set within 2 to 2.5 hours maximum
    • Classic Eyelash Extension Certification

    All students are encouraged to continue practice creating fans and volume eyelash extension sets after completion of the course.

    What will be taught during the course:
    • Volume lash bonding
    • Proper isolation techniques
    • Natural lash safety
    • Volume weight determination
    • Volume fan creation & techniques
    • All about volume lashing basics
    • Eye styling and shape
    • Practice on 1 Model
    • Final work evaluation
    • Lash kit ($450 value) and manual included
    • Certificate provided upon successful completion of the course on the second day

    For information on refresher training please send an inquiry to or give us a call at (647) 986-4463.


    Thank you for your interest in the Qu Bee Lashes classic or volume eyelash extension course.  Please fill out the contact us form and indicate that you are interested in training and which course you would like to take. We will respond to your inquiry with a full course outline and upcoming dates available for training.  If you would like to enroll in private training please indicate this as well. We look forward to speaking with you soon and will respond back within 12-24 hours.